The localized fat (Local Fat) is the common problem that bothers men and women, even with physical activities some areas of the body are impossible to have results.

Why does Local Fat happen?

We have two types of hormones that are responsible for stimulating lipolysis to burn fat.

What happens is, that in these cases one of these receptors are not as cooperative and when this happens, there is an opposite effect – blocking the mobilization of fat. In each area of the body this number of receptors can vary, which can favor the accumulation of fat in certain regions and in others not so much.

Influences of whole-body process

Genetics, age, and good habits greatly influence this whole-body process.

We developed a protocol that combines with each case, using advanced equipment, specific products, and massage techniques, forming a combination to obtain the results that the body alone cannot do.

In all the practice process, we will get the body to improve. 

  • The appearance of the skin
  • Improve the quality of collagen and elastin
  • Reorganize collagen and elastin fibers
  • Improve microcirculation
  • Improve skin hydration;
  • Increase oxygenation;
  • Accelerate the elimination of toxins
  • Fight striations and fibrosis
  • Improve the appearance of scars
  • Combat fat located in the belly, breech, flanks, arms, chin
  • Fight flaccidity in any area of ​​the body
  • improving the firmness of the skin and burning the local fat

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