The Power Body Contouring protocol, unique from SCULPTURE body SPA, is the combination of procedures that when executed in a certain order generate the ideal treatment for those who seek to take care of the body, lose weight and lose measures.

This protocol unites our powerful Flash Detox massage, application of  Enzymes, Lymphatic Drainage massage, and more… to provide incredible results.

Results of Power Body Contouring

Reduced cellulite and body swelling: decrease or  water retention, which improves the “orange peel” aspect because there is an improvement of the blood circulation through the vasodilator effect;

Localized fat and loss of measures: up to 20% of the fat in the region where it is applied and is lost;

Detoxification of the organism: it eliminates the fluids and toxins from the body;

Weight loss: The treatment accelerates metabolism through thermogenic effects


The complete treatment lasts for 5 weeks.

Prices based after an evaluation!