Our Weight Loss Protocols

All of our protocols are created for the best personal treatment for you, provided by all assistance for your condition needed, nutrition supplements, Personal training, and Aesthetic Treatment for incredible weight loss results.   

In the Aesthetic practice, we create a personal protocol to treat fat loss, skin firming and elimination of all toxins in the body, using the best equipment, high-quality products. If it’s necessary we combine the Lymphatic drainage massage and manual massage to contour the body.

Professional Service

With great professionalism and knowledge of results from Medical research, we unite all these combinations of therapy to achieve the goal of weight loss. After the body treatment, the body is still processing and the final results are going to stay for as long as you continue to eat well and continue physical activity.

To complement the treatment, between the sessions we suggest the best bio cosmetic product technology in the Beauty Industry, in order to give the best results.

We need to feel confident, healthy, and beautiful. The balance between mind and body is important – this is a composition of energy and happiness.

Prices based after an evaluation!