Our Process

Step 1

Schedule your consultation online, or call us at 617-916-0694 and we will be happy to assist you.

Step 2

Your full body valuation Appointment!

Welcome! We are happy to see you glow. This appointment will be about 40 -60 minutes. Be ready to get personal. There really shouldn’t be any surprise about what happens during a full-body evaluation. After all, the procedure is described by its name. A full-body valuation is just that: a careful evaluation of the skin over your entire body, from head to toe. Some people may feel embarrassed or self-conscious about having such a comprehensive examination of their body, but our highly trained staff will make sure you are 100 Percent comfortable. We will ask you questions to help us understand your goals.

Step 3

Discussing your options

When discussing the procedure with our licensed technician, you should communicate which areas of your body you’re interested in treating. The technician will tell you how many sessions you might need to reach your goals. Be prepared to discuss your medical history and what medications you’re currently on.

Step 4

Take your Vitamins Darling!

The sculpture body team will ask you to share your current dietary supplements. We may ask that you take certain vitamins to help you achieve your goals. Our goal is to detoxify your body inside and out.

Step 5

First Treatment day

It’s official; your goal body is coming soon. During your first session, the technician will first mark the treatment areas on your body before beginning, and fully explain each step of the process. Specific therapies with cutting-edge technology will then be used to help you reach your unique body goals. Each session will usually last approximately 60-90 minutes.


What Our Clients Say...

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"Maria gave me the most efficient and relaxing facial today. She has not only made me glow with the up to date techniques like LED light therapy but she is also so intelligent about what foods, vitamins, and minerals help us to maintain good health for not only our skin but our whole bodies and minds. Her touch is very gentle and also applies the right amount of pressure to clean the pores. She gave me an amazing massage and seemed to take all my stress into her hands and decrease it. I haven't done anything to take care of myself in a long time and this was so worth it. She made me feel beautiful! I booked a follow-up for micordermabration in 3 weeks. The cost was very reasonable and she offers great treatment packages too! I'm looking forward to going back."

Kristine Y. - Google Review

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"This Body Center was recommended to me by a friend who goes there once a month since before the reopening in Watertown. She loves it! I do too. I had a microdermabrasion facial. It was totally relaxing and my skin was ten times better and smooth. I never had a microdermabrasion before and I'm hooked. I will be going back again in about a month for more. The center is super clean and nicely decorated, not gaudy or frumpy. They had a group of ladies that were leaving as I arrived and they apparently have room for my ladies group--I plan to schedule a spa day with them as soon as possible. I will update my review then. Worth trying ladies!"

Karen Lee C. - Google Review

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"I absolutely love Maria, not only is she professional but she is a perfectionist, she helps you achieve the results you want not only by her treatment but also with her knowledge so you can continue to achieve your results on a daily basis. In front of me she has called doctors and professionals to make sure she is providing me with the accurate information. We have great conversations during my treatment and makes me feel relaxed and wanting more!!! Maria...thank you for all you do for me to look and feel my best!!!"

Nicole R. - Google Review