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What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks appear when the collagen and elastic fibers of the skin rupture. The “scratches” that appear are scars formed when the skin is very stretched in a short time. When the connective tissue is stretched, the tear results in what’s called an epidermis atrophy along the area that has been damaged. Once this happens, the epidermis becomes thin and loses it ridges, breaking the elastic fibers and causing the epidermis to retract.

How do you get Stretch Marks?

They are common in men and women – especially in the growth phase, pregnancy and weight swings. It is as if the skin could not keep up with the growth of the body so quickly.

What treatments are available for Stretch Marks?

The treatment is an Organic Treatment Method to combat the white and red streaks marks. It is an absolute innovation, with exceptional results and never before seen in the world of aesthetics, as it promises to improve the appearance of White Streaks by up to 80% in the first session. It is a different method, non-invasive and non-surgical.

The results can begin to be seen in as little as one session, although several sessions are often required to achieve the desired result.

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Stretch marks can be caused by pregnancy, weight gain, growth spurts, Rx side effects, or any rapid change in body shape.

Stretch Marks
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10 things you didn’t know about Stretch Marks

  • They are affected by genetics – how susceptible you are to stretch marks often depends on how susceptible your mother and father are to them.
  • Stretch marks are actually scars – Much like other scars, they can and probably will fade over time.
  • Hormones matter – When your hormones go off-kilter, you may become more likely to develop stretch marks. Watch out, teenagers!
  • Any body can get them – Anyone who goes through a change in their body are prone to the marks, particularly during puberty when bodies are changing. This can also happen during a rapid weight gain or loss, whether it be in muscle or body fat.
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Stretch Marks
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